General information


Dear ball guests, dear colleagues,
it’s a great pleasure for us to greet again in 2023 at Vienna Medical Doctors’ Ball.
Three years have passed since the last ball, many things have changed and you will notice also many changes at the Vienna Medical Doctors’ Ball.

"Meet the Medics"

From now on the ball will be held under the title “Meet the Medics” and will become a “Night of the Medicine”. We say this way with little words: Let’s meet each other and great discoveries in the history of medicine.

Let’s celebrate life and medicine!
We open the musical journey with Robert Barany and dedicate him the decoration and build up on the main stairway up, the main hall and the Metternichsaal. Barany was the first Austrian Nobel Prize Laureate and first descriptor of the inner ear. His discoveries and his work created the foundation to the labyrinth-surgery.

We follow the path of medicine also in the other rooms and halls, so be surprised!

This year’s opening will refer as well to medicine with the Strauss waltz „Die ersten Curen“ from the year 1862. Strauss dedicated this work to the students of medicine. The first play of Strauss’ work was on the 28th of January 1862 - so exactly 160 years before this year’s Ball – at the Sophienbad-Hall at the former Medicineball.

Annother new thing is the collaboration with young artists.

The ball donations will have this year a cultural flavour – be surprised, we will inform you in time.

The festive opening will be performed by the students of the dancing class of the Vienna University for Art and Music by Professor Jolantha Seyfried.

New acts within the music programme will suprise the ball guests as well. Many different bands will wait in the different halls for the dancing guests. For everyone who prefers a more chilled approach, a new classic Piano bar waits at the Radetzky Appartment II. For disco-hungry people we have besides the usual disco in 2023 a special retro-disco waiting  with classic hits from the last three decades.
At midnight, the „legendary“ Bad Powells will turn the main hall into Studio 54, a great show and some party time is promised.

Charity Art Auction

The Vienna Medical Doctors’ Ball puts always emphasis on charity. We have at this ball as new highlight a charity art auction. Short before midnight there will be an art auction in favour of the MOMO-Childcare at the main hall. The auction objects are created by the ascending Viennese artist Djawid C. Borower.